Dots Sync - Symmetric brain game

An investment for your concentration

$1.99 USD

Intelligent game for training your concentration and logic skills

This a Premium experience that provides concentration training and logical skill.

Dots Sync is a modern transport-puzzle. Move a synchronized Dots sliding in various directions with a levels of progressive difficulty that will make you think in the solutions.

Enjoy an new design with simple and addictive gameplay, without ADs, microtransactions or ranking of scores.


Move a synchronized green and red colors Dots across the rails as stopping the movement on the nodes to activate all Goals.


There are many progressive obstacles that will make ever more challenging puzzles:

Most varied lines directions, straight, inclined and circular.

• Keys: Unlock blocked lines to solve challenges.

• Push Button: Unlock paths after the Dot is over it.

• Bomb: Clears the goals already won after the blast.

• Lock: Hold the Dot, but can free it through the unlock platform.

• Teleport: Send the Dot to the starting position.

This game gives you an efficient way of treating Attention-Deficit/HyperactivityDisorder (ADHD), working against inattentiveness, hyperactivity and impulsiveness.


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